The Illinois Bass Federation 2020 State Team Congratulations 
Thank you to our state sponsors who help make the Open Trail payouts by over 100%.  The IBF could not do that without their help. You can visit their sites below. 

2021 IBF Tournament Trail

04/11/2021 Clinton Lake Marina
05/2/2021 Lake Sara Marina
06/6/2021 Lake Springfield  Lindsay

07/11/2021 Lake Shelbyville 9th Street
08/22/2021 Mississippi River Pool 19 Ft. Madison Marina
9/04 & 9/5/2021 ( IBF Classic) Mississippi River Pool 12 Dubuque, IA Schmitt Landing

State Qualifier (6 Man) 07/24 & 07/25/2021 Mississippi River Pool 13 Savanna Marina.

IL/IN Semi Final 10/9 & 10/10/2020 Pool 19 Mississippi River Ft. Madison IA.

Ft. Madison Marina

Hope to see everyone out fishing the IBF Tournament Trail this year!!

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